Sunday, April 13, 2014

Practical philosophy through tree pruning

Have you ever noticed the trees in your area? some of them, placed where space, light and water are available, have a strong, balanced aspect.But others, next to parking sites, roads and other places of “high risk”, may look different. Sometimes a void will be there where important branches once were. 


A tree will naturally stop providing sap to the branches that are not required anymore. Good pruning will help a tree to alleviate a tree by removing those branches and prevent them from cracking and cause damage. It will also help by reducing the branches that might reach too far and pose danger to the whole structure. Bad pruning will remove or reduce excessively branches that were important, cause the tree to develop in unhealthy ways and maybe even stop their fruition.

Individuals too, extend to the things that nourish us: food, happiness, friends, family, sex, art etc. creating a balance. But, if, like some trees, someone is severely pruned, they might stop developing appropriately and put exceeding weight on the branches that remain.
Therefore, whenever we are pruning, the right techniques should be taken into consideration. These techniques are exemplified and evident to each one of us if we remark the harmony that generates all things.

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